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Naturally Africa Volunteers makes a sustainable contribution to communities across Africa through education, medical and healthcare, sports and conservation projects. Volunteer with us to play a vital role in the success of these projects and have the experience of a lifetime whilst helping to make a difference.

We offer projects from 2 weeks – 12 weeks in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana.

There are two key priorities for us; the projects that we support and of course you. Our in-country staff are on hand to provide 24/7 support and advice, ensuring your safety and that you quickly become an important part of our team, so that you may get the most out of and give the most back during your volunteer experience.

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13 Participant reviews

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Niall O'Donnell

19 Sep 2018

My 3 weeks volunteering in Nkope village were the most worthwhile and enjoyable experience I've had in another country. The teaching was very different from here in Ireland but the staff working for NAV really made this transition very manageable. So much so that there would be nothing stopping someone with very little teaching experience from taking part in this program. The children in the area are an absolute joy to work with and really made the trip special. There is a wonderful balance between volunteer work and seeing other areas and sights in Malawi which I was really thankful for as Malawi is such a beautiful country. The accommodation is extremely comfortable and right on the shores of the lake which provides amazing views.

Overall if you are a first time volunteer or even a veteran volunteer, this program is a wonderful opportunity to see a new country while making your own positive impact on the area. I would 100% recommend any of Naturally Africa's programs and will be looking to them for future projects.

Sallyanne Hal

9 Sep 2017

Teaching in a rural pre-school - creative curriculum project

My time in Malawi flew by, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wish I could have stayed for longer. The people are so kind and friendly and it has been a wonderful experience to discover their culture and enjoy their fantastic country. It was truly special to meet the wonderful children and teachers and to help them to learn in a more creative and exciting way and to see them all grow in confidence and self esteem, with all the children enjoying the activities and being engaged in their learning.
I will treasure the memories I have made and will stay in touch with the brilliant staff at NAV to find out how they are all getting on.


7 Aug 2017

Perfect program if you are a pre-med/med school student (don't worry, if you have no medical experience, present volunteers will be happy to show you how to dress a wound + other useful tips ! ) who wants to practice a lot of wound care (dressing big/minor wounds, assisting on burns and fungal infections), shadowing in a hospital, raise awareness on the biggest Tropical killer diseases (Malaria, HIV).
I have also developed my interpersonal skills by working in a team during the afternoon sessions with the lovely HIV support group and the lecturing sessions with the HBC group members (good for shy and non-confident speakers). It felt really rewarding to apply and share the medical knowledge I've acquired during my university years and to see the powerful impact I had on this community and on the bordering villages.
The stay at Nkope and at Mlambe cottage is lovely and you'll also have time to relax during the evening (card games and other activities with volunteers) and weekend excursions which are a lot of fun ! (scuba-diving, safari, hiking Zomba's plateau, etc)
Tips: I stayed 1 month and wish I had stayed longer (1.5 months).

Amasangalala ndi Malawi ! (Enjoy your time in Malawi !)

Mathieu Rheault-Henry

11 Jul 2017

I took part in the medical volunteer project for 4 weeks from May to June. I can safely say that Malawi has been one of my favorite countries to visit. The overall vibe of the village, the people (especially the children) have impacted me in more ways that I could have ever imagined. It was a privilege to work with so many dedicated volunteers, staff members, as well as members of the community that are so passionate about what they do. I had a fantastic time learning and growing as the days went by during the adventure. In the years to come, I would love to return to this beautiful community and come back as an even more knowledgeable individual. Thank you to all who have made this experience possible!

Ruth Isaacs

29 Apr 2017

This was my first ever experience of volunteering abroad. I worked as a teaching volunteer in a village by Lake Malawi- it was an amazing experience!
The work is only as hard as you want it to be, you are never required to do anything that you are not comfortable with. However, if you're up for it, there's plenty to get stuck in to, with huge rewards as well as challenges. The support staff are first rate and the work that you do really does help the local community, so it's very worthwhile.
The local people are very warm, friendly and welcoming, with a great sense of humour too.
I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.

Lesley Whitesmith

30 Jun 2016

A great experience. Easy to organise, value for money, basic but good accomodation and food, and the most fabulous support at ground level. Nothing was too much trouble for them in order for the volunteers to feel comfortable and at home.
It was well structured and supported throughout, with enjoyable and worthwhile projects. I would highly recomend it to anyone wanting to make a difference whilst also enjoying themselves. Ideal for students taking a gap year, or for a summer holiday project, but also fine for the olde volunteer such as myself!

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