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For over 25 years, One World Center, has been training people to work in humanitarian careers. Our goal is to enable ordinary individuals to fight against poverty and to become climate activists. Many One World Center graduates have gone on to impressive humanitarian careers including working with the United Nations, US AID, and some of the top non-profits in the United States and abroad. Our volunteer humanitarian work abroad uses Participatory Action Research (PAR) to create value-filled programs.

At One World Center we offer 6, 9 and 18 month work/study programs on site in both The USA and Africa. We have 3 Brazil teams starting a year and 4 Africa teams starting as well as monthly 1-6 months courses in Climate Compliance. Health care in the form of Child Aid and HIV/AIDS prevention. Education in Children villages, Teacher training colleges. Organizing and implementing farmers clubs. Sustainable systems for water, energy and living.

Our 9-month programs have three parts. Parts 1 and 3 of each program take place at the Michigan campus in the United States. In between, volunteers visit Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, or Brazil. While abroad, volunteers work as climate activists, farmers, and/or teachers. In total our 9-month volunteers spend 5 months in the United States and 4 months abroad.

Similarly, our 18-month programs begin and end in the United States. The work abroad occurs in Africa or Brazil for 6 months in the middle of the 18-month program. At One World Center we give volunteers certificates to prove the work they performed. You can receive a certificate as a Development Instructor and a distant learner. For those who can’t participate in the long-term programs, we offer 6-month service opportunities.

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Education & Literacy
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Teach English
  • Ecotourism
  • Intern Abroad
  • Environment
  • Advocacy & Human Rights
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  • Brazil
  • Saint Vincent And Grenadines
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Ecuador
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35 Participant reviews

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John Henry Sheridan

1 Dec 2021

I am very grateful for the existence of One World Center as my experience there has helped me to shape a life I can be most at peace with. The experience taught me resilience, flexibility, resourcefulness and much more. It deepened my faith in humanity and my place in the world.

Amanda Hatchard

29 Oct 2021

My time with this organization truly shaped what my life is today. The people I met and developed relationships with deeply impacted my values and priorities. The opportunities I was presented with directly from the program were countless as were the experiences. I strongly recommend this program to anyone of any age and life Stage!

Kyle Foster

25 Sep 2021

To this day the impact and impressions that the project has had on my life are deep and numerous. Other than the birth of my children those experiences that I say have been the realest, in that my being was impacted. The project itself was highly necessary and I feel like for the region that I worked in it was very effective and received well by the community and the country as a whole. (From Language skills to basic computer training to income generation, a wide range of work was done) Like most volunteers I feel that I maybe learned more about life and the world in general more so that than I "taught". I know that personally it was a goal of mine to at least share useful information. With the location and orientation of the project we (volunteers) were always accessible and had access to the students in the facilities as well as all around the neighboring communities. The projects were run in a way that empowered the locals other than trying to exploit. The already fortified communities were given tools and venues to strengthen more the power to do for self as well as the community.


4 Sep 2021

Joining this program was absolutely one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! I can’t begin to explain how life changing this experience was for me.During a short period of time I’ve learned a lot about not only the world around me just by living and working together in an international community but also a lot about myself.If you are looking for an adventure all while helping others,I would highly recommend with program.

Christopher Phillips

1 Sep 2021

It was a great experience and project working directly with the locals. Me and my partner worked with water and sanitation and had plenty of opportunity to work and provide education to the community. The whole experience of training, fundraising, and volunteering was a great opportunity in life. I always think what more could I have and hope others get to volunteer in an area of passion

Rogelio Jimenez Serrano

19 Aug 2021

My name Rogelio Jimenez, I am a volunteer at OWC very interested in continuing with my humanitarian career, I enrolled in an 18-month program to go to Africa, and to be able to support the poor people of Mozambique, the first 6 months that I was participating in the program, I learned a lot, this school has a good teaching system, and apart from learning practical things like cultivating, fixing broken or decomposed things, cooking, the community motivates you to do things with pleasure for the benefit of all, not all, they work at the same rhythm, but if you work at your own rhythm and with enthusiasm you learn a lot, a very important aspect that in this 18-month program is included an education program that will open your awareness and you learn a practical and theoretical comprehensive program, objective knowledge geopolitics, the origin of wars, the functioning of the economic and political system in the world, allows you to have a broad vision, in OWC if you apply learn You will have a lot, theory and practice, the teachers are humanists with a great philosophy of human solidarity, learning with them has left me a good experience that invites me to continue and exercise my hunanitarian career with a great method of transformation shoulder to shoulder fighting the poor When they ask me about my experience in owc, I tell them that it was very productive that if you want to do something good in life, join an organization, like OWC, I leave you an affectionate greeting. Rogelio Jimenez S Mexico City rogermex91@yahoo.com.mx

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