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Do you like travelling, studying or exploring? Would you like to experience the world firsthand? Are you not satisfied with the world today? Would you like to change something? Do you like challenges? Are you or would you like to be open-minded? Do you like to study on your own? Do you want to take part in breaking through and unique study program combining studies with practice in order to gain only the finest knowledge about the world around us?

6 months world studies (Norway),
3 months getting it ready (Europe),
3 months on the road (land travel in Africa or Asia),
6 months fighting with the poor (Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia or India),
6 months bringing it to the public (Norway and Europe).

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Work Abroad
  • Education & Literacy
  • Children & Youth
  • Teach English
  • Environment
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  • Botswana
  • Norway
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
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2 Participant reviews

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Rita Moreira

28 May 2021

This school is a perfect example of modern days slavery. They use the students and the volunteers to get their business running, making them take care of the building and cleaning the hotel. The salaries from our work at the hotel were not even paid to our accounts, but stayed inside the school's account, so that they don't have to pay taxes for it. A total mess. The travel and the volunteer project could not happen due to COVID-19 and the school refused to give us the money from our salaries work. Me and my team had to contact a lawyer who helped us to stand up for our rights and get our payment back. Besides, the teachers are not real teachers (usually it is just people who did the program before), the study materials are at least 20 years old and basically you are supposed to learn it yourself (which you could do at home, you don't need to come to a program abroad for this). In other words, IT IS A SCAM.


13 Jan 2021

Simply the worst experience I could've had, First off, we arrive in Norway for Intro Week, the learn to travel travel to learn team was not informed prior to arriving in Norway that our program in South America was cancelled (although we were in the midst of the pandemic it is inacceptable to let students pay the tuition fees without telling them that the whole program had changed). They changed it to a trip in Europe which felt like a real slap in the face, until we asked them to find a better plan, they then chose the program to take place in the Carribeans. Off the team goes which each their assigned jobs, I go to Berlin to supposedly work at a thrift shop. A month and a half later, they suddently changed mine and another girl's job to factory work from 5 in the morning til 2 in the afternoon and the following week from 2 in the afternoon to 10 at night ( those hours made it impossible to entertain a sleeping schelule), at that point the school struggled immensly to communicate with us about was was going on with our jobs, and also struggled every month to send rent (it was always at least 2 to 3 weeks late and we always had to remind the headmaster). When as a team we chose to communicate the disappointment of the program up to this point we were told and I quote "If you're not happy just quit". When really everything I signed up for both the travelling program and the working program were not coherent at all with what was on the website or what was said to me during the interview. I proceed to ask for a refund of the tuition fee, not even my working money I made in Berlin with the precourse, and after insisting a lot I only get a third of that money. They kept the rest of my tuition fee AND the money I made in Berlin which was made for the travelling period. The people there are extremely dishonest and not at all communicative. Such a scam.

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