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Plan My Gap Year is an award-winning volunteer travel organisation, offering life-changing experiences across 17 countries in Africa, Asia & South America. PMGY provide a safe, structured and social platform with volunteer, travel and immersion opportunities available from 1-40 weeks. With over 10 years of experience and expertise, PMGY is widely regarded as the global leader in affordable and trustworthy international volunteering experiences.

Our international headquarters are based in the UK & USA and we have local teams based in every host destination to ensure you have a positive impact whilst overseas. Whether you’re looking to take a gap year, give back to a local community or simply travelling overseas we are here to help organise every aspect of your trip. Are you ready for it?

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By Sarah Vandenberg

Director of Partnerships

Sarah has worked in the volunteer travel industry since 2004. She supports all of our partners, and shares stories, trends, and advice for travelers who want to volunteer, intern, or teach abroad.

Plan My Gap Year is a UK-based charity and travel organization that sends over 4,000 volunteers overseas every year on extraordinary adventures in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America. Its award-winning, structured programs are available for those not only interested in taking a gap year, but also who may just be looking for a meaningful trip overseas.

Amazing experiences abroad

In addition to volunteer abroad programs, which can start from two weeks and last up to six months, Plan My Gap Year offers a variety of other amazing initiatives. For example, you can boost your resume and get a head start on your career by taking on an internship for college credit. Project staff are able to sign off on paperwork, and students can find work in the areas of medical care, childcare, psychology, and nursing.

If you’re under 18, embark on a school trip customized by the Plan My Gap Year team – and teachers travel for free! With an all-inclusive, tailored trip, all of your needs like housing, meals, pre-departure training, in-country support, and much more will be provided for you. If you’re interested in traveling solo or with a friend rather than a larger group, there are under-18s programs available through Plan My Gap Year as well.

And if you want to stay abroad for a longer stint than a standard volunteer trip, check out Plan My Gap Year’s TEFL Express course, which allows you to complete TEFL training through a 60-hour online course. Once you’re certified, you’ll have a foundation to work toward a future qualification and a paid English teaching position abroad.


Volunteering with Plan My Gap Year

Go country hopping!

Spend 12 weeks or longer on a Round the World Encounter that takes you to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with everything organized for you. Perfect for first-time solo travelers, all you have to do is enjoy the experience! Choose from country-hopping trips spanning individual regions, or take on an ultimate world tour.

This amazing travel opportunity invites you to volunteer as you travel the world, without worrying about the details – Plan My Gap Year takes care of extensive pre-departure support service, airport pickup, orientation, meals, housing, project transportation, and local support everywhere you’ll go.


Country-hopping with Plan My Gap Year

Safety and transparency

When you volunteer with Plan My Gap Year, you know exactly how your payment benefits the host community, thanks to its policy of having a 100% transparent fee structure. You’ll also know that your project is meaningful, having been hand-selected because it is need-driven and sustainable. This means the work you do overseas contributes to long-term community development.

Support is available 24/7 by team members in host destinations, and Plan My Gap Year’s UK team conducts regular, independent risk-assessments on all projects, vetting them to ensure safety for all of their participants. In-country teams are comprised of experienced coordinators who have worked with international volunteers for years, and are prepared for emergencies or other support needs.


Wildlife research with Plan My Gap Year

633 Participant reviews

Jeanne Lin

4 Sep 2019

Review star
Review star

To be honest, I was really nervous to be volunteering at a Ghanaian hospital. It was my first time travelling alone and I am only 17. However, I could not...Read more

To be honest, I was really nervous to be volunteering at a Ghanaian hospital. It was my first time travelling alone and I am only 17. However, I could not be more pleased with my time in Ghana with Plan My Gap Year. The volunteer house was very spacious and accommodating. The dinners were very delicious and the rooms were nice. There are three bathrooms so I never had to wait to shower even though I was there during a very busy month. The staff there were extremely welcoming and always go out of their way to help you. I cannot thank Kristy enough for going out of her way to help me exchange money at the market as my cards were not working at the local ATMs. The staff do a very good job in ensuring our safety during the weekend trips as well (which I highly recommend going on because it made the experience all the better).
The medical placement in Ghana was AMAZING! Your involvement really depends on your relationship with the nurses and doctors. So basically, if you show that you are eager to learn and get involved, they will feel more inclined to teach you and let you get involved. I spent most of my days in the emergency room helping taking blood pressure, take out cannulas, check vitals, undress bandages, and even help suture sometimes! During a night shift I did, the nurses really allowed me to get involved during some pretty severe cases and I learned so much! I got to watch surgeries up close which was super cool as well. For those doing the medical placement, I recommend starting in the Emergency Ward as my involvement there was by far the greatest.
One of the best parts of my trip were the people that I met. I made some incredible friends from all parts of the world and I still am in contact with some of them. We would spend evenings going to dinner or to the mall which was so much fun!
Overall, I thoroughly believe volunteering with Plan My Gap Year is extremely worthwhile. I left with no regrets and feel even more inclined to come back one day! Medasse!

Kelsey Pearce

27 Nov 2017

Review star
Review star

I volunteered for two weeks in Nepal teaching Monks English. Everyone in the program was so lovely welcoming and willing to help you with anything that you needed. However I...Read more

I volunteered for two weeks in Nepal teaching Monks English. Everyone in the program was so lovely welcoming and willing to help you with anything that you needed. However I was a bit disappointed when signing up for a two week teaching experience to only get to the monastery on the Wednesday night and not start teaching till the Friday but really only be at the school on Sunday. Further more they had started exams which means we were only at school for two hours in the morning sitting there silently while they write there was no teaching. This was supposed to go on for roughly 6-8 days and I left on the Friday. Meaning for my two week experience I only taught 2-3 days. Dont get me wrong I really enjoyed just spending time with the children and talking with them living their way of life and all the experiences. But it was a lot of money for me to spend when I was expecting and wanted to get the experience of teaching for two weeks to only teach 3 days.

We stayed at Daunne Monastery which is pretty much in the middle of no where so be prepared for no reception a plank bed a hole as a toilet a bucket as a shower and rice and potato for breakfast lunch and dinner. Though especially with the food I struggled it is definitely the place to go if you are after the real Nepal experience. The teachers and the children are lovely here everyone is so friendly the children really want to learn and really need your help. I would definitely go back to this Monastery.

This seems a great company to go with especially if it is your first trip abroad. Once leaving the program I was still traveling solo and Asim my contact for the company in Nepal was amazing. He helped organise transport and other activities I wanted to do as I continued my traveling making everything so much easier for me. I am grateful for everything this company provided and did for me. But would have really appreciated if I was made aware of certain things that affected the volunteering before hand then I may have come at another date or gone with a company that I new I would get a full two week experience with.'

Josh Gee

24 Nov 2017

Review star
Review star

I was in India for 2 weeks as a medical volunteer and I really enjoyed my time there. I found the pre-departure information to be very helpful and reassuring so...Read more

I was in India for 2 weeks as a medical volunteer and I really enjoyed my time there.

I found the pre-departure information to be very helpful and reassuring so I was able to land in India feeling confident. Upon arriving at the volunteer house I was greeted by Vishy and Kranti who were both very lovely and accommodating.
The actual medical program was very enjoyable as it was all mostly hands on from the get go being able to assist in the pharmacy do a little pathology help with the GP and go to the dispensary. I was even able to attend a cesarean which was incredible. I learnt lots from my time on the program.
The activities available to the volunteers whilst away from the program were varied and entertaining. We were given the opportunity to take weekend trips the the surrounding areas which Vishy was very helpful to organize with the volunteers that decided to go. I was able to visit a monkey temple shop at the local markets help the boys at the adjacent orphanage complete their homework bollywood dance and watch a newly released bollywood film at a nearby shopping centre.
The volunteer house was comfortable enough with the showers being a nice touch of home. The food was absolutely delicious and I missed it the first night I was back home. It was kept very clean with water always available.

Overall I would say that I greatly enjoyed my time on with Plan My Gap Year and I would recommend this prgram to anyone willing to undertake the challenge. Just be prepared to be confronted with some difficult stuff. But its definitely worth it and its something I will never forget!'

Ella Patenall

23 Nov 2017

Review star
Review star

I spent 3 weeks in Sri Lanka (1 week turtles project 2 weeks renovation in the morning and orphanage in the afternoon.) I felt very supported by the friendly approachable...Read more

I spent 3 weeks in Sri Lanka (1 week turtles project 2 weeks renovation in the morning and orphanage in the afternoon.)

I felt very supported by the friendly approachable PMGY team throughout
my trip and was provided with sufficient information prior to starting it.

The accomodation was great (especially the roof terrace) and very conveniently located near the town and beach. The food provided was delicious.

The turtles project was really enjoyable and there was generally lots to do. Releasing some into the wild was an amazing experience.

The orphanage was a bit challenging at first as there was little structure in place but we split our time teaching and socialising with the kids who were lovely and the experience was very rewarding.

Renovation consisted of painting a temple and I was the only one on the project at the time. Although I found it relaxing and enjoyable I thought that the project would be a bit more interesting than just painting. Perhaps it would function better as an "extra project" for afternoons as many expressed interest in doing it alongside their morning project.

In all I had a fantastic time in Sri Lanka and met lovely people. The organisation of transport to and from projects nights out tuk tuk rides and the trips was impeccable. I highly recommend the experience but particularly to first time travellers. It was definitely value for money.