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Siret Volunteers connects believes in the power of engagement. We cannot do everything, but everyone can do something! We believe in the future of Africa, particular it’s next generation. Discover magical encounters and bright minds that only need an opportunity to change their future.

Siret Volunteer is an exciting impactful organisation that works directly with local project partners to deliver meaningful work. At Siret Volunteers we believe in working at grassroot level to achieve sustainable growth. We do this by connecting volunteers to work that is meaningful, and match them to projects to make use of their skills or vocation. Our volunteers have the opportunity to understand, first hand, the socioeconomic and life long implications of poverty within a developing nation.

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  • Health & Medicine
  • Alternative Break
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Teach English
  • Animals
  • Homeless & Housing
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  • Uganda
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