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Sporting Opportunities offers sporty people the chance to join sports coaching volunteer projects in Africa, Asia and South America and coach sports to disadvantaged children. Perfect for gap years, career breaks or volunteer holidays.

Projects available in Football, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Boxing, Volleyball and more!

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  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Sports & Recreation
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D Morett

17 Oct 2019

Seemed like a terrific program. Their St Lucia location is problematic. My son went and had to leave. Awful conditions and staff covered up the issues and my son was blamed.
Conditions were unsanitary and unlivable. Little orientation given. I don’t like to write poor reviews, but I would not use this program without ensuring they’ve totally fixed their issues. Also, they showed zero integrity in not refunding any part of the fees for the unused weeks my son was there. They should have returned at least some of the fees. I would not recommend this program at all. My son did similar programs and stayed in rough conditions. This was unsanitary and unworkable. And they twisted information, blamed my son, denied facts and were not responsive or considerate at all about being professional in trying to rectify issues. Just blamed my son and left it at that. I have zero trust in an organization that denies, blames and twists facts...and then keeps all the money paid in good faith.

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