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The crees foundation is a non-profit organization based in the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

We run important conservation and sustainable community development initiatives.

Our aim is to create a sustainable future for the Amazon rainforest through conservation research and community education.

We offer 2-12 week volunteer placements and 6 month internships.

The crees volunteer programme is designed to provide opportunities for volunteers to actively participate in important conservation and sustainable community development initiatives managed by the crees Foundation.

It is our aim to ensure that as a volunteer you have a truly inspirational experience, where you are able to contribute to sustainable, well-structured and meaningful projects.

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20 Jan 2014

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I undertook a six month internship with the crees foundation at their research centre – the Manu Learning Centre – in the Peruvian Amazon. I had an amazing time and...Read more

I undertook a six month internship with the crees foundation at their research centre – the Manu Learning Centre – in the Peruvian Amazon. I had an amazing time and learnt so much. As a volunteer you get experience of all the conservation research projects at the MLC – including monitoring endangered blue headed macaws, camera traps, butterfly traps, mistnetting, pitfall traps and nocturnal surveys of amphibians and reptiles. Volunteers also go to the nearest small town – Salvacion - to participate in community projects such as agroforestry and biogardening. It is hardwork and not without its challenges, but its very rewarding. At the end of each month the volunteers go on a 4 day expedition for a well deserved break. The expeditions are great and involve visiting indigenous communities, and other fun activities such as white water rafting and trips to waterfalls.
As an intern during my volunteer phase I had weekly meetings with a mentor, where was given feedback on my progress and also given weekly objectives. The staff ensure that you are prepared for your work placement and have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.
The 12 week work placement went so fast. You are kept busy leading specific projects that are assigned to you but also working on other projects as well. By the end of the six months you are effectively an expert in your field – whether its frogs, snakes, butterflies or birds! Highlights of my time with crees include camping in primary rainforest, climbing up a 30m tree, catching a rainbow boa and watching tadpoles develop into beautiful frogs.
Overall I had an amazing experience and made friends for life. The community at the MLC is friendly and welcoming and it is more like a home than a workplace. My time in the Peruvian rainforest totally transformed my view of the world. I learnt so much about the rainforest and conservation research.