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The Road Less Traveled is a life-changing educational travel experience – an extraordinary opportunity to join with others, explore humanity, and build deep relationships and an appreciation for our world’s vast adventurous scenery. RLT offers domestic and international community service, language, and multi-sport adventure travel programs all over the world. We engage in the service of presence and active listening. We support young people to get outside, seek adventure, experience challenge, make new friends, build community, and understand the world in a new way. We encourage involvement, cultivate leadership and sensitivity, develop personal initiative and communal participation skills, and inspire a sense of social activism and environmentalism.

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  • Education & Literacy
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Conservation
  • Teach English
  • Animals
  • Environment
  • Disaster Relief
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  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Belize
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Ecuador
  • United States
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17 Sep 2019

I went on the “Utah unleashed” trip this summer. The management was horrible and the overall trip did not meet expectations. The volunteering was unplanned and we hardly interacted with the animals. The leaders were incompetent and didn’t know the schedule and plan. On one occasion a trip leader cursed out one of the girls on my trip about the girl having fruit snacks. For a trip this expensive it is outrageous that there was no plan what so ever and that the volunteering wasn’t what was promised. On many occasions people had to go to the hospital and 3 kids got strep on the trip. The trip was so bad and unplanned we were offered a heavy discount on future RLT trips, although we won’t be going back. There were only 3 beds for 15 kids and 1 bathroom for 11 girls. On the days we were going to the national parks we would arrive late in the day and have limited time at the parks. Overall the trip was horribly planned and most of our time was spent on things like “group pack” “meal circle” and playing time wasting games. Would not recommend

Anne S

3 Sep 2019

With each summer RLT trip, my son seems to return exponentially more confident, future-thinking, and sensitive. A citizen of the world. He did both domestic and international service trips, and in both the balance of culture, community to service hours made it fun and fulfilling. He made deep connections with his peers, as well as with the leaders—whose feedback about how they saw our son's participation was like having a new pair of eyes. They saw him fully, and we're so grateful to them for their nurturing leadership — in fun and sometimes challenge. (A bike accident turned into a learning experience of emergency care, communication, and staying calm in order to help.) Administratively, everything at RLT is handled professionally, politely, promptly.


3 Jul 2019

Highly disappointed in the communications from RLT and the trip planning. My child is on a trip now and we've received one update and only a few photos - kids NOT smiling. They are supposed to be working with animals at a shelter in Utah and just learned that the kids are not going to be permitted to actually interact with the animals. Rather, they'll be mucking stalls and pulling weeds in the sweltering heat. Amazing that they would not know this.

Erika S.

30 Jan 2019

I cannot say enough great things about RLT! I went on their Costa Rica: El Sendero program and it was life-changing. From the culture to the people I met to the adventure I had. It was the trip of a lifetime and RLT is to thank for that. I would go on all of their trips if I could!


18 Jan 2017

As a student, separating from constant technological distractions was more than an idea-it was an necessary antidote to my life. Between honors and AP courses, maintaining friends, visiting family and the crafted résumé of extracurriculars, I had become so overwhelmed I forgot what it meant to reflect, how to relax and why it was so important to unwind.

And the antidote? A few weeks surrounded by nature with peers from around the world. There was no substitute for sleeping under the stars, for eating meals I had planned, shopped and cooked with simple, local ingredients. No substitute for the pride and self-confidence I gained from 'roughing it' for a few short weeks.

My health and safety were paramount to my leaders. The level of care, attention to detail, and engaging activities ensured our community always knew how one another were doing and it was clear my leaders would stop at nothing to keep me safe, healthy, and happy.

As for communication, I LOVED not having to call home frequently. While my parents were at first hesitant with the idea of radio silence, it allowed me to connect with those I would soon call my friends. It kept me present in our service work and kept homesickness at bay. When I was finally forced to call home (about halfway through our trips, we make our calls) I had nothing but incredible stories to tell them-about my new friends, my service work, my new surfing and scuba skills...just to name a few.

Years later, I sit at a Fortune 100, surrounded by young professionals with colorful life experiences. But my time at RLT provided something more. Every grad has service experience, or a heavily worn passport book. I carry the confidence, pride, and understanding that comes with the immersive experiences in the communities I traveled to, and an appreciation for cultures that snapping photos from a tour bus never could.

If you or your child wants a truly life-changing experience, there is no better company, no better family, than this one.


18 Jan 2017

I went on three different service trips with RLT and loved every single one! RLT really cares about making personal connections with all of their students and I loved that. My leaders were always amazing and they taught me so many life lessons that I still remember even after graduating high school and starting college. The trips opened my eyes to different cultures and experiences and made me want to pursue international relations in college. If you're looking for life changing travel and life long friends, RLT is the program to do!

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