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In Chulucanas, students drop out of school on average by the 6th grade. Victor’s Vision is a non-profit that empowers impoverished students and families to dream of a brighter future and pursue those dreams through higher education.

Through our core programming, we provide students with the academic, personal and nutritional support necessary to grow and achieve. We begin working with students in the 2nd grade and follow them through college graduation.

Victor’s Vision volunteers spend anywhere between a week and a year working with our children and families, teaching English, developing parent workshops and implementing extracurricular programs. These volunteers help provide students the opportunities they need and deserve to learn, grow and achieve.

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24 Nov 2012

Every moment of this experience was amazing. The preparation and information I had before-hand was imperative and crucial because I wanted to know as much about the program and how I could help, both during my trip and beyond. Victor's Vision is not just about short-term experiences, it is about changing lives. There is no quick fix to some of the problems these children face everyday, but Victor's Vision is doing everything they can to make sure these kids achieve every opportunity possible, from physical & mental health, as well as education.

My personal experience with VV is one I will never forget. Although I only spent a few weeks in Chulucanas, I was exposed to a whole new perspective. The time spent in the classroom showed me a group of students who wanted so badly to learn as much as possible and to excel. Personal achievement wasn't the only goal, however. Students often helped their peers and encouraged them to succeed, whether it be in the classroom or out.

I would highly recommend volunteering with Victor's Vision. It was a much more personal experience for me than anything I had ever done before. Although I was technically the teacher, the students taught me more than I could ever have imagined in my short time with them.

Andrea Zinn

24 Nov 2012

Volunteering with Victor’s Vision was one of the most positive and impactful experiences of my life. Not only was I able to benefit an amazing educational program, but I myself experienced an overabundance of self-growth by observing the organization and classes, supporting recreational activities, meeting students and their families, teaching English lessons, and learning about and understanding the culture and spirit of Chulucanas. Victor’s Vision was the first time that I could truly fully understand the importance and essentialness of education in developing countries and around the world. I am confident that education is the best means to escaping poverty. Never in my life have I seen such a desire to learn. This desire has been instilled in the students at Victor’s Vision, who truly want to succeed.

Furthermore, I believe that it is Victor’s Vision that has instilled this inspiration and motivation into the souls of our niños. One evening in Chulucanas, I visited the home of a fifth grade student named Miguel. Miguel’s mother explained to me that previously, Miguel used to pretend to be sick so that he could come home early from school every day. Now, ever since Miguel became part of Victor’s Vision’s programming, he wakes up at 5am every morning to study. Victor’s Vision is a meaningful, effective, and valuable organization if not but for this one student. Every classroom exudes an atmosphere of learning and hope, generating children with the desire to pursue higher education and the inspiration and support to know that they can.

When I asked the fifth grade class what they wanted to be when they grew up, I heard answers such as doctors, teachers and civil engineers! The students at Monteverde know that by studying hard and committing to their studies, they will each be able to take advantage of their opportunities. Every child now has their own dream— because they can finally see that not only do these opportunities exist, but they are within reach.

Jessica Jonovski

24 Nov 2012

I volunteered with Victor's Vision in Chulucanas, Peru in July 2012 to teach English and support other program activities and had an amazing experience. The children are genuinely motivated to learn and the families are incredibly sincere, appreciative, and supportive of Victor's Vision programming. The organization's staff and volunteers are truly passionate about their work!

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