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Vida has three core programs: Medical, Dental and Veterinary. Volunteers join us from around the world to work alongside our local healthcare professionals to give free medical, dental and veterinary care to communities in need. Many of our volunteers are pre-health professionals, though we do welcome advanced students and professionals!

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20 Jul 2016

I've now completed my second trip with VIDA Volunteer and both trips were absolutely amazing! I gained so much experience in the veterinary field while helping to provide care for animals from families who cannot afford or do not have access to proper veterinary services. Our spay and neuter clinics also helped to control the rural dog and cat populations in an effort to keep them off the streets. I would definitely recommend volunteering with this organization!

Karlee Nelsen

10 Apr 2016

This is an absolutely great experience! Volunteers get hands on experience in medicine while experiencing the less seen side of a beautiful culture. As long and the volunteer keeps an open mind while on this trip they could gain anything from learning new medical knowledge, developing a new motivational standpoint, or finding a new meaning in live... all of which are possible when volunteering with VIDA.

David Edwards

16 Mar 2013

I've gone on one VIDA trip, and it was the most amazing trip of my life! From getting hands on experience helping patients, to talking to the doctors, and learning about the cultures, it's just fantastic! I can't wait for my next trip this summer!!!


22 Jan 2013

Fantastic experience! Wonderful staff, volunteers, and experience. We went around to various towns to set up free medical and vet clinics for those in need. I got a lot of hands-on experience as a medical student, and made some valuable relationships around the world.

Erica Miller

9 Nov 2012

I cannot say enough good words about my experiences with VIDA! I participated on two trips with VIDA- one to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and more recently my trip to Guatemala. Both trips were beyond amazing and I learned SO much! VIDA is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in the medical field and does not require any previous knowledge related to medicine- they teach you everything you need to know! Both of my trips were two weeks long and consisted of six clinical days. On those days, students worked together with a few other students and a translator to interview the patients, asses vital signs and listen to heart and lung sounds. Then we presented the information to the doctors who helped us determine the correct diagnosis and treatment. The medical and monetary donations we brought as a group stocked our "pharmacy" so that we could provide much needed medical help to our patients at no cost to them. While most students know little the first few clinical days, it's amazing how much everyone learns and knows by the last few clinical days thanks to the awesome doctors and their wonderful teaching!! The doctors and staff are incredible and are truly dedicated to the volunteers. We weren't deserted after our clinical days- rather most doctors and translators would hang out with us at the hotel, go out to dinner, walk around town etc. which helped the entire group become really close with each other and the staff. To this day, I still keep in contact with staff members from my first VIDA trip two years ago! I also really appreciated how we had non-clinical days dedicated to exploring the culture we were immersed in- something I think is essential to better understand the patient population we were working with. Without hesitation, I would recommend VIDA to anyone interested in healthcare! It clearly benefits the volunteers immensely, and more importantly provides much needed healthcare to impoverished communities. Thanks VIDA!

Erica Miller (UW-Madison)

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