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Established in 2010 Volunteer Maldives is the only grassroots volunteering company offering unique programs immersing volunteers into the unique island communities and environment.

Volunteers make a marked and substantial difference to the community and island children, helping out in the schools with teaching English, Sports and Youth programs, Sports and Football coaching, and community development initiatives. Programs tailored to individual talents are also arranged, and also available are 2 week Cultural Immersion Programs.

Proceeds from programs go directly to the local community, and participating volunteers have a unique insight into island life, building on personal development whilst inspiring the local children and community alike.

Member since: 31 Aug 2012

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14 Participant reviews

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Evie Hawker

23 Dec 2015

As I was lying on the jetty one night on Maroshi Island gazing up at the perfect night sky, I said “We are in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on a beautiful island with the most wonderful community, and right now I feel like I am the luckiest person alive”. As I write this, sitting in my home in London, I have nothing but happy memories and great achievements to be proud of as a result of this opportunity from Volunteer Maldives and I miss it every day.

I was apprehensive about teaching as I had no idea what to expect, but from the early days in contact with Yvonne I had a growing confidence that my ambitions to visit the Maldives were about to be fulfilled by a well-vetted project. This feeling was bolstered by Yvonne’s friendliness, promptness in replies, and a great regard for the welfare of both the locals and the volunteers.

Maroshi is home to a small and gentle community, surrounded by the most stunning beach, and it certainly felt like home!

The school is quaint and it was refreshing to see such a lovely environment that these children could learn in. Teaching absolutely exceeded expectations for me personally and it was great to be encouraged to be versatile in my teaching methods and undertake challenges; including the enormity of classes I took on, subject content and conducting evening classes. It was truly heart-warming to teach topics that matter so much to me and have the children so enthusiastic. The sense of pride that I got from the children understanding what I taught them was undeniable and improved my confidence dramatically.

These experiences combined are only a result of the generosity of the people and the opportunities that Volunteer Maldives has created. I feel elated that there is finally an affordable way for people to experience the beauty of the Maldives in such a unique way and will have the chance to teach the children I taught.

My advice to all of you potential volunteers is to absolutely go for it!

Li Fangyi

10 Oct 2014

This is the first time that I went to such a beautiful place in my whole life. The sea is so clean and the people ore so friendly. It is also the first time I experience night fishing, watching sunrise and sunset in the sea, joining classes with lovely kids, and having the great picnic on the island with my Chinese partner. During these two weeks I fell in deep love with the scenery and life in Komandoo. I met eight Chinese friends and many Maldivian friends and I really enjoy the quality time. I will be back to this program when I have time. I love Maldives.

Zhao Shijia

10 Oct 2014

Maldives Cultural Immersion Program - A great program for students to take part, and highly recommended.

These days I spent in island is really unforgettable, I became more confident and more patient to solve the problems I meet in life. Also I am just a student but I still try my best to do things I can do!

Thank you!

Luke Sewell

3 Oct 2014

The time I’ve spent in Maroshi has met every expectation I held prior to the trip. The people have been warm, we’ve been extremely well looked after and the work carried out in the local school has been meaningful and very worthwhile. In addition to this, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience all that the Maldives has to offer through weekend trips and activities, including snorkeling and fishing. Thanks to this I’ve been able to have the experience of a holiday, whilst also hopefully contributing to the lives of the Maroshi community in a positive way, a combination which has made this the most satisfying trip I’ve taken.

Sebastian Reid

3 Oct 2014

Our time in the Maldives has been great, where we have spent four weeks teaching and coaching the school children of Maroshi. This has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience as the kids have been very keen to get to know us and learn, as well as teach us about their way of life on the island. Our hosts have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome in their small community, and include us in all their social events. On weekends they have taken us fishing, snorkeling and for overnight stays at uninhabited islands. Volunteer Maldives have been of great assistance, firstly by organizing the trip, and also through their in-country support whilst we have been here. The experience has passed my expectations of a challenging, but also unique and satisfying adventure so I would recommend to anyone looking for this type of trip.

William Yavits

3 Oct 2014

I had a great experience in Maroshi, where from the moment I arrived I felt welcomed by our host and all the islanders. Working at the school was a particular highlight for me as teaching the children was both rewarding and challenging. I also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to go snorkeling and fishing, as well as visiting uninhabited islands. Overall, volunteering in the Maldives has been fantastic where I have learnt a lot during my stay in Maroshi and have hopefully had a positive impact on the lives of the children.

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