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We are a socially responsible organisation, providing quality volunteering opportunities for likeminded individuals who want to embark on life’s most amazing adventures. Taking our volunteers through India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Africa it’s our mission to touch lives, connect friends and give back to local communities everywhere we go. It’s in our nature to push boundaries and to have purpose, but most of all, we’re just a super friendly bunch to be around. And we can’t wait to have you join us in a new journey together.

Each location is different and our programs/internships range from Community development (such as Teaching projects with children, women’s empowerment), Medical and Healthcare Programs, Marine Conservation and Animal Conservation opportunities.

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118 Participant reviews

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Noemi Herrero Morant

10 Aug 2022

Great experience! I'm glad I did it, it has been life changing. Great people, with lots of love and kidness in their heart.


21 Mar 2020

I enjoyed the program in Cusco, until I had to leave the country because of the Coronavirus. I kindly asked the organization about any refunds for my non-completed time there and the only reply I got is that they have lawyers on the matter and that it was stated in the conditions that I would not get any money. I am really disappointed in the way they handled the whole situation. Also they did not even check up on me or if I was home safe. The organization does not follow up on anything once you paid their money!! That was very clear to me.


21 Mar 2020

Due to corona virus I couldn't start my volunteerwork. Arrived there and after 4 days I had to leave. The staff took good care of us, but after we left the drama started. They promised us to get our money back, in the end in turned out that they didn't give us anything. Aftercare was really really bad!!!!

Haley van den Burg

28 Oct 2019

I had an unforgettable experience staying in Kerala and working on the special needs care project for four weeks this summer. Ridhi, Geetha, Aiswarya, Anju, Sheetal, and the rest of the team welcomed myself and the other volunteers and provided helpful and empathetic support for the duration of my stay in India.

While I had the opportunity to design lessons and individualize plans for the students that I worked with, local staff assisted and oversaw the lesson planning process and were there to troubleshoot any issues having to do with placement.

The staff were also a great resource for things to do and places to eat around the beautiful and lively city of Fort Kochi on evenings and weekends, and could arrange weekend trips to other places in Kerala.

The accommodation was comfortable, authentic, and provided all of the resources we needed for teaching. Meals were delicious and reflected how the local community eats. I even had the opportunity to eat sadhya and drink toddy!

It is difficult not to fall in love with India when traveling with Volunteering Journeys. I highly recommend this organization and I hope to be back one day!


13 Oct 2019

The team in Kochi is amazing, so insipring and warm-hearted. They really make you feel at home. I would go back any day!!

Nikhil Mistry

13 Oct 2019

I had a fantastic time in Fort Kochi, Kerala volunteering teaching English. The staff there were incredible and very helpful in co-ordinating my placement. I could go to them with any issues such as transport, exchanging money, weekend trips and they would sort it for me. The volunteer house was massive, very clean and well maintained.

I had a lot of free time from doing my placement, and there were a lot of cafes, restaurants and bars to go to as well as shops to visit in the town within walking distance. The metro was nearby as well as the ferry to Ernakulam, plus Uber was very affordable.

The schools I taught at were just a 5 minute rickshaw ride away and the staff there were really nice and welcoming and you never taught on your own which was reassuring. The teachers were also there to help you. Additionally, the IVHQ staff at the volunteer house helped you with lesson planning so it wasn't as overwhelming as I thought.

Overall, I would definitely recommend going to Fort Kochi for a volunteering placement as there is plenty to do and see, and the people there are kind and extremely welcoming.

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