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Volunteers Without Borders guarantees the lowest possible volunteer program fees in 16 different countries throughout Asia & Africa. We pride ourselves on making it very affordable to volunteer overseas. We’re available for your entire duration of your trip from the booking process, through to your return home. We ensure an incredibly safe volunteer environment & life changing experience!

WE OFFER PROJECT FEES THAT ARE SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER THAN MOST OTHER COMPANIES. The reason we are able to offer these low fees is because we send you directly to the source and do NOT add any extra fees, taxes, and do NOT double or triple the cost of the program fees unlike many other volunteering companies that do so. Our aim is to eliminate the biggest barrier of volunteer work and that is the cost.

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8 Participant reviews

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Susan A

6 Apr 2018

Volunteering was something I have wanted to do for many years. After planning a trip to Thailand, I decided this was the year that I was going to make it happen. I researched many companies and found Volunteers Without Borders to be by far the most affordable and best value when it came to volunteer programs that were offered. I was a little apprehensive of what type of program I would join as I didn't know if I had any special skills to offer and being over 60 years old. I choose the Elephant Sanctuary Program in Thailand because I've had a fascination for Elephants since I was young and felt it would be an incredible opportunity to work with them and give back to the community that is taking care of them. After completing the registration form, I was contacted by the organization who helped me select the week that was most suitable for my travel plans. Communication with the organization was easy and all my concerns were addressed. I received an information package about my specific program, location and events that I could expect to experience. I felt comfortable and excited for my first volunteer adventure. The arrangements were set up to transport me from my hotel to the program. I had the ease of mind knowing that I had a reliable company to call if I needed any assistance along the way. The experience with the Elephants was absolutely amazing, and was everything I had envisioned and more! I would highly recommended booking with VWB International for the simplicity of the entire process, for an easy, well informed, affordable volunteer experience.

Ng Kim Leong

17 Dec 2016

I signed up for an orphanage care and education program in Nepal with Volunteers Without Borders in November 2016. I received tremendous support from Kevin, founder of VWB, before the start of my volunteer trip. It was a very organized volunteer experience overall and this is a good news for those who have never been to a foreign land for volunteer work.

VWB partners with local charity. I was assigned to The Love Company which is an orphanage. There were a total of 12 children in the orphanage. It was a challenge initially for me to bond with them given the language barrier and the difference in personality among the kids. But it did not take me long to get to know them and mingle with them. On a daily basis, I had a set routine which was to send the little kids to the school, to fetch them back after school, and to help them with their homework. As there was also another female volunteer, we split among ourselves in terms of the teaching responsibility. She took care of the girls while I handled the boys' homework. It really struck me of how talented the kids were despite their lack of access to various learning opportunities. An example was Rahul who could draw amazingly well even though he had never learnt drawings. His great observance and meticulousness were beyond my imagination.

My time in Nepal was barely a week but the life experience I have gathered was far-reaching. The down-to-earth and positive attitude displayed by Krishna, the children, fellow volunteer, and the locals have taught me to see things, or perhaps life, from a different perspective. Sometimes, all we need to do is to slow down the pace of our lives and enjoy the journey, but not forgetting those in need of love and warmth.

Reagan Cabral

27 May 2016

As a first time solo traveller, Kevin made sure i was as comfortable as possible with every irrational fear that I had. The volunteering experience was absolutely life changing. The people I met, the turtles, the culture of Sri Lanka were unforgettable and I would have never had the same experience just travelling around on my own and I'm grateful to have been able to have this experience. I think everyone should do a little volunteering in their life.


7 Feb 2016

Because of the political situation at the beginning I was kind of scared of going there...but once there I realized how happy I was with those amazing children and people.
The guides were always looking after me and organizing for me interesting activities.
Thaks to them I also managed to do some extra program activities.
The children I met were lovely.
It has been the best experience of my life.
I would definitly reccommend it, but volunteers should be aware that they are going to live like them ... so forget all your comforts.


26 Jun 2014

I had the opportunity to volunteer in Kenya for three weeks where I was able to participate in a variety of projects. The first week I was in an orphanage where I helped to prepare meals, helped with chores and played with the children. The second week I was working in a dispensary assisting health care workers and preparing medication for patients. The last week I was able to teach math and English in an elementary school. Volunteers without borders was very professional and was able to provide me exactly what I wanted to do. I would definitely recommend this organization when volunteering abroad.


19 Nov 2013

The "Work in an Orphanage" program in Nepal with Volunteers Without Borders was an amazing experience. VWB organized everything for me and it was so easy when I got there.

My time in Pokhara so was been absolutely wonderful both at the orphanage and all around it. I have never been to a community that is so trusting and honest; it is the perfect place for first time travellers who are getting out of their comfort zone. It is very safe everywhere, even at night, and everything is close by so it’s not hard to get all of the essentials that you need.

As for the orphanage, the kids are wonderful. Aside from being super cute, they are very responsible for their age and get joy out of very simple things that most first-world children don’t. They have the imaginations of the early 90s kids and anyone before them because they do not rely on technology for entertainment. They love to do things like go for picnics in the park, make superhero masks out of paper, and play games that involve competition. They sometimes need help with homework and learning English and it is always fun to help them with both. Luxuries that they enjoy are chicken, popcorn, candy, toy cars for the boys, and makeup for the girls. Those items are easy to buy and cheap from a volunteer’s perspective, so it is nice to buy it for them every once in a while (but not too often!).

If you are concerned about ending up at a “bad” orphanage, I can definitely say that this one checks out. The children are treated very well, their living situation is good, and their bellies are always full. Krishna really wants to help the kids and see them learn whenever possible. He likes them to play games and do activities where they learn as much as possible to help them in their future.

If anyone has any personal questions they’d like to ask me, feel free to contact me at shawnaraephotos@gmail.com

Volunteers Without Borders response

Shawna! We are so pleased to hear you have a positive experience on our program in Nepal. I am most certain that you will hold a special place in the hearts of the Nepali people that you worked with and they will miss your generosity and kindness. We are honoured to have you join our team and we are so grateful for all your efforts. From the team @ VWB, Thank you so much!

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